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Voted The Best ICT Company and Best Telecom Brand in Nigeria for 2008, Visafone Communications Ltd (hereinafter to be referred to as Visafone or “the Company) was born out of the strategic acquisition of 3 CDMA mobile network operators that had been in operation for up to 8 years with 30,000 subscribers and coverage in different parts of Nigeria.

The company, which was incorporated in Nigeria on June 20, 2007 following the acquisition of Cellcom received its Unified Access Service Licence as a telecom operator from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on August 1, 2007 positioned it to offer mobile, fixed and any other telecommunications service to its subscribers.

Visafone, in the intervening yawn of time, amassed over 3 million subscribers after 16 months of operation and crossed the 1million subscriber mark in just 6 months from its launch in February 2008. Thus, recording an unprecedented industry milestone as the fastest growing mobile company in Nigeria since the earliest it took a Nigerian based GSM company to hit 1 million was 9 months.

Vision and Objectives


The company’s visions and objectives are:
  • To be a market leader in the provision of telecommunication services
  • To be the telecommunications service provider of choice
  • To deliver good returns to shareholders and maintain sound financial health
  • To be a good corporate citizen in its country of operation

Visafone’s  service excellence is anchored on the equation V=QC2 where V stands for Visafone; Q is for Quality of Service; and the Cs are for Clarity and Coverage.
With its Unified Access Service Licence, 800 MHz spectrum and strategic acquisitions, Visafone aims to become the pre-eminent telecom operator in Nigeria by offering seamless and efficient services that will ensure the best clarity and the widest coverage.
The company offers an exciting bouquet of superior telecommunications services that will encompass the very best of Voice, High Speed Data (3G), internet and other innovative Value Added Services to individual subscribers while also providing unequalled business solutions to both corporate entities as well as the Small & Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria.

  Visafone’s strategic destination is to be among the top 3 telecoms operators in the country by 2012.

Brand Values


Visafone's brand values are:

Arrow Passion
Arrow Vibrancy
Arrow Freedom
Arrow Ease
Arrow Communication
Arrow Superior Quality
Arrow Excellent Service




Visafone has displayed considerable leadership in the mobile sub-sector of the Nigerian telecoms marketing its 11 months of operations. Aside crossing the 1million subscriber mark in 6 months, amassing 2.5m in 10 months and extending its coverage to 20 states and over 160 cities and towns in Nigeria, the company has been honored with a slew of industry and consumer awards.

Some of the awards, which go to validate the company’s remarkable strides and unprecedented achievements include: best new Entrant at the NITTA awards 2008; Best Emerging Brand at the City people awards 2008, Best Brand of the Year at the Telecom News Awards 2008; Most Youth Friendly Telecoms Company at the National Youth awards 2008, Best Brand at the COBRAA awards 2008 as well as best ICT Company of the Year at the Thisday Awards 2008 amongst others.

Strategic Directions

In order to achieve the company’s objectives, the management team has formulated innovative and winning strategies encompassing a handset strategy, a marketing strategy, an operational strategy, a financial strategy and a HR strategy.  Adopting a thought leadership approach, the Company strives to set itself apart from the pack by creating a unique value proposition that will prove attractive to all stakeholders; from the customer to the lender and shareholder through to the employee.
Visafone will not shy away from adopting a bold and revolutionary approach in every aspect of its offering aware as it is that its success will be predicated upon its ability to attract and retain customers.

Key Elements of the Visafone Strategy

Arrow Gain scale through organic growth and acquisition
Arrow Achieve product parity with other operators 
Arrow Achieve differentiation through quality of service – clarity, coverage, high call
  completion rates 
Arrow Excel in customer service   
Arrow Ensure capital efficiency
Arrow Achieve a sustainable handset strategy

1) Distribution/Handset Strategy

By leveraging Visafone’s superior distribution capabilities, the highly experienced management team at Visafone is seeking to revolutionize the customer service delivery within the Nigerian telecoms space, thereby lowering churn and continuing the exponential growth trajectory in subscribers’ experience to date

Visafone’s distribution/handset mission is driven by the belief that the success of a telecoms operator is predicated upon its ability to achieve scale in its operations, supported by operational efficiency backed by the appropriate capital structure.  Bulk purchasing of handsets has enabled Visafone to reduce the cost of handsets to customers and create a self-propelling cycle of increasing subscriber numbers.  In order to achieve its ambitions, the Company has developed five key themes that under-pin its game plan:
(i)    Achieve product parity with other operators
(ii)   Establish presence in 36 states by the end of 2009
(iii)  Make Capital efficiency integral to operations
(iv)  Establish an innovative handset strategy and
(v)   Innovative distribution model

2) Network Strategy

The network infrastructure is being provided on a turnkey basis by Huawei Technologies Limited given the breadth and depth of the both the Nigerian and international marketplaces, their cutting edge technology and their ability to ensure a seamless, high velocity roll-out.  By deploying the latest technology, the Company can pass on the lower inherent costs to its subscriber base, offering a dual faceted approach to attracting and retaining subscribers.

Visafone has adopted a single supplier model that will inevitably lead to lower operational and maintenance costs in the long term. 
Visafone believes that to remain truly competitive in this marketplace requires a very keen focus on the attendant operating expenses.  With the anticipated decline in ARPUs, telecos will need to ensure that their operations are lean and efficient; squeezing costs to ensure margins remain healthy.    Visafone’s strategy for positioning itself for the future is to invest in proprietary transmission infrastructure that will enable Visafone to decouple from the existing providers and ensure that Quality of Service is maintained by avoiding congested networks.  Visafone has contracted Harris Communications Systems Nigeria Limited to build an 8,000 km microwave transmission backbone, split equally between Lagos to Port Harcourt routing and Abuja to Kano routing.

Success in telecoms is driven by the achievement of scale.  Building a world class infrastructure base will enable Visafone to assume control over the quality of service offering by removing the dependency upon competitors’ over-congested offerings.

3) Marketing / Sales Strategy

In formulating the marketing strategy, the management team focused on three critical drivers for success:

Arrow Established presence in over 90% of the available telecom sales points
Arrow Adopt a multi-level sales model along with additional hub and bespoke support.
Arrow Adopt the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) approach.

Brand management and perception is crucial in an emerging market such as Nigeria because as one moves down the income chain the cost of phone acquisition represents a larger proportion of income. Offering a reliable and cheap telecommunications solution is therefore paramount.

4) Product Strategy

The vast range of phones on offer to the public has established Visafone as the new market leader. Whilst Visafone is in the business of selling airtime, it is also of fundamental importance to offer a sufficiently varied range of handsets and VAS in recognition of its diverse range of subscribers – young professionals, students, the mass market, SMEs and corporate organizations.


Brand Promise


Visafone's paramount mission is to act as a spring board for Nigeria’s economic growth and development. To achieve this, Visafone will assist in fast tracking that growth and development through the provision of cutting edge communications infrastructure as well as seamless and efficient services that will ensure excellent customer service, unequalled clarity, the widest coverage and seamless connectivity.

The target is to bring joy to Nigerian subscribers’ by giving them the freedom to talk and communicate while providing them with innovative, exciting and affordable products as well as value added services.

Visafone will go the extra mile in ensuring that their customers and subscribers are well served by adopting the best possible standards in the industry while revolutionizing the telecommunications sector by providing Nigerians with a veritable passport to reach the world.


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